Furniture, in any environment serves much more than just a utilitarian purpose. In many ways, it is akin to a living being. With a lifespan that extends beyond that of an average human being, furniture displays unique characteristics and bears a personality of its own that adds to the distinctiveness of a living space. Furniture, therefore needs to be revered, respected and restored to its deserving dignity, with a keen eye that recognises how it can coexist in a living space, with other living and non-living entities.


Over the last four decades, Shrikant Nivasarkar has explored the realm of furniture design, through a variety of materials, technologies and traditional weaves and craftsmanship. What emerged from these explorations was the immense interest in woods of different kinds, natural fibre rope, cane and other forms of sustainable materials. Designing miscellaneous furniture such as the Indian charpai-inspired casual seating, a practical centre table with a tiled top, self-standing light fixtures in wood and dining furniture, along with settees, benches and stools, has provided the opportunity for even more learning, exploration and refinement. 


The success of eclectic designs notwithstanding, Shrikant Nivasarkar has always found himself gravitating towards one particular piece of furniture – the chair! The ‘Prestige’, the ‘Spine’ and the ‘Ecological Chair’ are just some of his designs that showcase simplicity, the natural beauty of the wood used and the relevance of nature-friendly material in designing these chairs. 

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