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Four Decades of Creative Endeavour

Story of Success


Nivasarkar Consultants is a four-decade old design and architectural consultancy firm in Pune that provides a range of design services catering to small, medium and large-scale projects. At the helm of all the design decisions at Nivasarkar Consultants is senior designer Shrikant Nivasarkar, who is supported in his endeavour by his designer-wife Usha and architect-son Arjun, in addition to a versatile team of senior and junior designers and craftsmen. 

Unique to Nivasarkar Consultants is its own midsized workshop in Pune, which serves as a hub for continual research and experimentation, culminating into new and innovative designs.   

Making spaces and furniture usable and relevant to the Indian consumer, while being environmentally sound, is central to all the designs that are created at Nivasarkar Consultants. The firm emphasises the use of locally sourced, natural materials, to create Indian aesthetic sensibilities that are layered in diversity and sustainability. Deft craftsmanship, achieved through a combination of hand-skills and basic machines, finally result in designs that are in line with past, present and future contexts, while also staying relevant to global standards.  

Our Team

Shrikant Nivasarkar

Usha Nivasarkar

Arjun Nivasarkar

We breathe life into everyday objects and spaces.