Four Decades of Creative Endeavour

Nivasarkar Consultants is a Pune-based design and architecture consultancy firm that focusses on creating spaces and furniture that are human-centric. Core to the firm’s philosophy is the endeavour to make design relevant, not just physically but emotionally too, enabling users to connect with their spaces. 




“The journey to understanding the process of creative endeavour, the process of its rendering and the process of relating it to the larger context of life, is an exciting journey as it is arduous. The paradigms change with every twist of economic, social, cultural and environmental events. The change in one element spurs forth a change in contextualising one’s creation of it. This is a long, uninterrupted and a continuous journey of exploration, extrapolation and exhilaration”

Shrikant Nivasarkar

About Us

Nivasarkar Consultants is a four-decade old design and architectural consultancy firm in Pune that provides a range of design services catering to small, medium and large-scale projects. At the helm of all the design decisions at Nivasarkar Consultants is senior designer Shrikant Nivasarkar, who is supported in his endeavour by his designer-wife Usha and architect-son Arjun, in addition to a versatile team of senior and junior designers and craftsmen. 


Our Work

We create designs that breathe life and personality into everyday objects and spaces! 

 From the point of view of users, it is essential that objects and spaces should be able to provide physical and emotional comfort, which can be achieved through design. By adopting the right technical specifications and technology, designers can help users attain physical comfort, but helping them experience a sense of emotional well-being is a far more complex process. Hence, at Nivasarkar Consultants we try to understand the relevance of design in the context of the users’ social surroundings, traditions and cultural anthropology. This allows us to create aesthetics that seamlessly fit into their environments, creating for them a sense of happiness, security and fulfilment, which is what we finally strive for!  

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We breathe life into everyday objects and spaces.